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fix notifications

If I'm in a message and I get a text, I have to go back and click the thread again to see the new message. Also, notification icon doesn't show up if I shut screen off in the app. Pleaaaase fix.

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    JeffJeff shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • melisamelisa commented  · 

        Pop up works every now and again

      • KempKemp commented  · 

        should be able to see what messages you haven't opened perhaps a different colour or even made bolder so you know what you've saw and what's new, love the app great job just simple things to fix

      • Marcio AndradeMarcio Andrade commented  · 

        I having always, when from a notification app or contact app the error "invalid phone number".
        Please take a look.

      • ricorico commented  · 

        even if i read the message, the notification icon still remains, i have to read it via default message app to make the icon vanish. fix this also, developer.

      • Ramon DRamon D commented  · 

        And if you can add a notificatikn for messages not being sent. An icon and sound would be great.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I cant turn on System notification, pls fix

      • Hamed HodjatiHamed Hodjati commented  · 

        I can't get any notification of any kind either. this is a must have option

      • JamesJames commented  · 

        For me I cant turn on any kind of notification for this app. I have to manually go to it once my default sms app gets a message.

      • kimkim commented  · 

        incoming message android base app
        fix it plz

      • Robert Robert commented  · 

        Having similar issue, do not get any notifications. Pop up, vibrate, tone... none happen.

      • jordan gauravjordan gaurav commented  · 

        Hey Ferran

        I just purchased this app but the thingthat is creating a problem is that i am not able to receive any notification for any incoming msg....can you plz let me kbow as towhat exactly the problwem wud be..

      • Ralf VillarRalf Villar commented  · 

        Used the wp7 notification & status bar +. Says "invalid phone number" and goes to the main app screen. Using sensation xe

      • angelaangela commented  · 

        Same for me. When I click on the notification, it takes me to the main screen and not the actual thread. It also says, "invalid phone number"

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        it would be nice to have real time text in comings, while im reading a text and if i get another text from the sender i would have to back up to the main messaging screen where all my texts are located and jump back in to the conversation to see the second message received. Also another idea that would be nice to have is to be more supportive with the back button, i usually press the back button on my phone multiple times to get out of the messaging app and to get back in to the app i had opened before seeing the text but because of this app every time i press back repeatedly the app just tends to restart over and over again in the same conversations menu. Over all its an amazing app!

      • FerranAdminFerran (Android Software Engineer, Messaging Metro) commented  · 

        Ok the title was a little bit confusing for me.

        What is fixed is that if you are in the desktop and click on the notification icon, you go to the correct thread.

        You go to desktop, you receive a new message, you click on the notification and now, it goes to the correct thread. Before, you were going back to the previous thread. And before, clicking back wasn't working properly.

        I think that your bug is different.

        The notification icon will not show up if you are in the application, because you are already in the application and so you will should see that there is a new message.

        When you receive a new message that it belongs to the current thread, it should be refreshed automatically.

        Anyway, I will review these two features and I might show the notification icon if you are not in the correct thread.

        Thank you for letting me know.

      • JeffJeff commented  · 

        Definitely not fixed. when youre in a thread and youget a message from that person, you have to reenter the thread to see the text. please fix

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